15th Meeting of the Hepatitis Delta International Network

11. Apr 2018 - 11. Apr 2018

ILC 2018 in Paris

The 15th HDIN meeting takes place on 11th April from 17:30-20:00 in room WEST3 during the ILC in Paris.

• M. Rizzetto, Italy „Current challenges in HDV research”

• G. Wandeler, Switzerland ”Hepatitis delta in HIV-infected individuals: diagnostic challenges and clinical outcomes”

• TP Velavan, Germany „'HDV infection rates in Vietnam”

• Travel Grant presentation: Julia Hengst, Germany/Sweden “Chronic hepatitis delta virus infection leads to functional exhaustion and severe loss of mucosal associated invariant T cells”

• D. Apelian, USA “Update on Eiger Planned Registration Program for Chronic HDV”

• A. Vaillant, Canada “1.5-2 year follow-up results from the REP 301-LTF study.”

• A. Alexandrov, Germany “Myrcludex B, a novel entry inhibitor for treatment of HBV/HDV infection: overview of the clinical development status”

XIV HDIN Meeting in Washington in October 2017-Save the date

21. Oct 2017 - 21. Oct 2017

Marriott Marquis

The next HDIN Meeting takes place during the American Liver Congress in Washington on saturday 21st in the evening.


XIII HDIN meeting in Amsterdam 2017

19. Apr 2017

RAI Amsterdam Room D201

13th HDIN Meeting in Asmterdam
5:30 pm to 8:00pm

Invited speaker are
Marc Lütgehetmann, Germany
Paul Deny, France
Antonella Olivero, Italy
Wornei Braga, Brazil
Michael Roggendorf, Munich

and new results from ongoing hepatitis delta studies will be presented

Save the date- the XII HDIN meetin in Boston 2016

11. Nov 2016 - 15. Jun 2016

Boston MA

during The Liver meeting!

details will follow

Save the Date: the XI HDIN meeting will take place in Barcelona during the international liver congress

13. Apr 2016 - 13. Apr 2016

congress center Barcelona

from 14:30 to 17:00
Fira Barcelona Gran Via;Room E1; hall 8.0

The invited speaker Prof. Alexander Plos is presenting is project :“Development of preclinical animal models for HDV/HBV infections”
We will have talks from different HDIN mebers on the toppics:
1.)“Hepatitis Delta virus evolution rate is high in patients with chronic delta infection, but tends to stabilize over time”
2.)“Noninvasive fibrosis marker in hepatitis delta”
3.)“Interferon Treatment duration in CDH”

and there will be presenations of results on Lonafarnib, Myrcludex and REP 301 and REP 2139-Ca

POSTPONEMENT!!! Save the Date- The X HDIN Meeting in San Franscisco on Saturday 14th

13. Nov 2015 - 13. Nov 2015

San Franscico -AASLD

the next meeting will be on Saturday evening- more dtails coming soon

The global viral hepatitis summit- ISVHLD 2015

26. Jun 2015 - 28. Jun 2015


In June 2015 the 15th International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases (ISVHLD) will be held in Berlin, Germany!
On Friday, June 26th the hepatitis delta session at the ISVHLD 2015

ISVHLD has a tradition of 43 years. Initially the focus was on discovery of hepatitis viruses, then it was the development of diagnostic procedures, vaccines, understanding pathophysiology and now therapies.Today, therapies have become the focus of research and in 2015 many of the new direct antiviral agents (DAAs) against hepatitis C will be approved. Public Health becomes increasingly important. Identification of patients in need of therapy is a major challenge to make these new therapies accessible to all parts of the world. Furthermore, we still need to develop better and finite therapies for hepatitis B and need to address many more burning issues of global relevance like hepatitis D and E.


Save the Date- the IX. HDIN Meeting in Vienna

22. Apr 2015 - 22. Apr 2015

EASL- Vienna

The next HDIN Meeting takes place in Vienna at the congress center
on Wednesday 22th of April from 2:00-5:00pm.

Prof. Rizetto is starting a study "Long-Term HDV-RNA Suppression – HBsAg Clearance in Chronic Hepatitis D Following Standard and Pegylated Interferon Therapy"

01. Dec 2013

Dear Colleagues,
you are invited to partecipate to the study “Long-Term HDV-RNA Suppression – HBsAg Clearance in Chronic Hepatitis D Following Standard and Pegylated Interferon Therapy”. At present long-term outcome of treated HDV patients is poorly defined as well as the rate of patients who clear HBsAg. We hope to evaluate a number of 100-150 patients, treated at least 2 years ago and for which retrospective data are available and frozen samples.
If you are interested please contact the HDIN team!

VI Delta Meeting at the AASLD meeting 2013 in Washington

02. Nov 2013 - 02. Nov 2013

Washington DC

The 6th Delta meeting took place in Washington.

At this meeting we heard a very intersting talk by Prof. Emmanuel Gordien about "Genetic variability of delta virus and consequences in clinical practice"
For the first time the Hepatitis Delta International network provided HDIN scholarships for young scientists to participate at the meeting.

Dr. Om Parkash from Pakistan presented his project: "establishment of the Delta Indus Belt network in Parkistan"
Lourdes Maria Borcacov from Brazil presented her project:" Pegylated Interferon-alpha plus Entecavir ich chronic hepatitis delta: Experience from Western Amazon Region, Brazil"


V Delta Meeting at the EASL 2013 in Amsterdam

24. Apr 2013

EASL 2013 Amsterdam

Over 40 physicians and scientists attended the V delta meeting in Amsterdam.
The hepatitis delta international network is growing.
April 2013: 13 centres from 7 different countries included 107 patients in the online database!!!

IV Delta Meeting at the american liver meeting 2012

10. Nov 2012

AASLD Boston

The HDIN meeting toke place at the AASLD 2012 in Boston !
Again the meeting was a great sucess the network is growing.
Here most of the participants got time to share their own projects and ideas with the network participants.
The final version of the eCRF have been presented and the database is ready to start.