the XIII HDIN meeting in Amsterdam during the international liver congress

  • 17:30 Welcome Michael P. Manns / Heiner Wedemeyer
  • 17:35  Marc Lütgehetmann “Virological differences between HDV-GT1 and HDV-GT3 in vivo using human-liver chimeric mice and mice with humanized NTCP”
  • 17:55 Svenja Hardtke / Anika Wranke “News from the HDIN”
  • 18:05 Paul Deny "Is it time to reactualize HDV prevalence all around the World: a HDIN participant’s collaborative challenge?”
  • 18:20 Michael Roggendorf “Provisional Designation of Subtypes for  HDV Genotype 1 in European Patients”
  • 18:30 Antonella Olivero “ Improvements in the diagnosis of delta hepatitis: Liaison XL anti HDV assay and droplet digital PCR for HDV-RNA Quantification”
  • 18:40-18:50 Wornei Braga "RoboGene® HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 performance in HDV-3"
  •  18:50-19:10 Break
  • 19:10 Travel Grant Lecture: Bettina Buchmann „A screening assay for the identification of host cell requirements and antiviral targets for hepatitis D virus infection“ (8min)
  • 19:20 Andrew Vaillant” Functional control and clinical benefit 1 year following completion of REP 2139 / peg-IFN therapy in patients with chronic HBV / HDV co-infection.”
  • 19:30 Cihan Yurdaydin  "Retreatment with lonafarnib results in sustained HDV RNA negativity”
  • 19:40 Alexander Alexandrov: “Update on Myrcludex B clinical trials in HDV infection”
  • Farewell             M.P. Manns / H. Wedemeyer


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27. February 2017