HDIN Baseline data - presented at EASL

Diversity of clinical presentation and virological characteristics of hepatitis delta in different regions world-wide: Results of the Hepatitis Delta International network (HDIN)

 Anika Wranke , Svenja Hardtke * , Lourdes M. Pinheiro Borzacov, Raimundo Parana ; Cirley Lobato, Saeed Hamid, Emanoil Ceausu, George N. Dalekos, Mario Rizzetto, Adela Turcanu, Grazia Niro, Tonya Hayden,Farheen Lubna, Minaam Abbas  Patrick Ingiliz, Maria Buti, Peter Ferenci Thomas Vanwolleghem, Adriana  Motoc, Zaigham Abbas, Cihan Yurdaydin, Michael P.…

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Published — 08. May 2017

the XIII HDIN meeting in Amsterdam during the international liver congress

  • 17:30 Welcome Michael P. Manns / Heiner Wedemeyer
  • 17:35  Marc Lütgehetmann “Virological differences between HDV-GT1 and HDV-GT3 in vivo using human-liver chimeric mice and mice with humanized NTCP”
  • 17:55 Svenja Hardtke / Anika Wranke “News from the HDIN”
  • 18:05 Paul Deny "Is it time to reactualize HDV prevalence all around the World: a HDIN participant’s collaborative challenge?”
  • 18:20 Michael Roggendorf “Provisional Designation of Subtypes for  HDV Genotype…

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Published — 27. February 2017