the XI HDIN meeting in Barcelona during the international liver congress

The XI HDIN meeting took place in barcelona during the ILC.

Agenda :

  • 14:30 Welcome Michael P. Manns / Heiner Wedemeyer (5min)
  • 14:35 Alexander Ploss, New York “Development of preclinical animal models for HDV/HBV infections”  (20 min +5)
  • 15:00 Anika Wranke, Hannover:  new results from HDIN (8+2)
  • 15:10 Maria Homs, Barcelona: “Hepatitis Delta virus evolution rate is high in patients with chronic delta infection, but tends to stabilize over time” (8+2)
  • 15:20 Lewon Lutterkort, Hannover  Noninvasive fibrosis marker in hepatitis delta” (8+2)
  • 15:30 Onur Keskin, Ankara “Interferon Treatment duration in CDH” (10+2)

Break  15:45 (10 min)

  •  16:00 Stephan Urban/ Alexander Alexandrov, Heidelberg : Update on Myrcludex Phase II Studies (10+5)
  •  16:15 Cihan Yurdaydin, Ankara:  "Exploring Optimal Dosing of Lonafarnib with Ritonavir for the Treatment of Chronic Delta Hepatitis— Interim Results from the LOWR HDV-2 Study” (10+5)
  • 16:30 Andrew Vaillant, Montreal: Update from the REP 301 protocol: REP 2139-Ca and pegylated interferon treatment  in patients with chronic HBV / HDV co-infection.(10+5)
  • Discussion (15)



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01. April 2016