III Delta Meeting EASL Barcelona

The third Hepatitis Delta International Network's Meeting toke place at Barcelona.

Phsicians and Professors from all over the planet discussed here the start of the new "Hepatitis Delta International Network" HDIN

  • We presented two forms necessary to start recruiting patients once the eCRF is ready. You need to fill in the participation form and laboratory normal range form and submit them to the address shown on each one of them
  • we completed the informed consent forms, which you can also find here (all these documents are written in english, please use this forms for translation)
  • Finally the consortium decided to include children in the hepatitis delta international network; you can find the assent form and the parental consent form in the dowload menue

The next meeting in the Autumn, in Boston, during the Liver Meeting 2012. We hope to see you there!



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08. October 2012