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With your donations to the Hepatitis Delta International Network you help fighting this severe disease through research projects and information campaigns.

The Hepatitis Delta International Network is administered under the auspices of the German Liver Foundation (Deutsche Leberstiftung), which is one of the major German organisms dedicated to the study of liver diseases and support of patients and their families. Because of its public benefit status, donations are tax deductible in Germany (this may also apply to other countries, please contact us if you would like to receive a donation receipt).

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Kontonummer: 108 977 000

Bankleitzahl: 360 700 50

Begünstigter: Deutsche-Leberstiftung

Kreditinstitut: Deutsche Bank Essen

Verwendungszweck: Unterstutzüng der Hepatitis Delta International Network

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IBAN: DE72 3607 0050 0108 9770 00


Name: German Liver Foundation

Bank: Deutsche Bank Essen

Subject: Support Hepatitis Delta International Network

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09. November 2011

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